IMARK Electrical suppliers are gearing up for 2020 with new and innovative products that will provide IMARK Electrical member distributors with great opportunities to increase sales and profit. Some of the products improve “smart” home connectivity and control and others are designed to address such industry-wide issues as tight labor markets and an increased emphasis on worker safety.

The IMARK Electrical suppliers featured below expect the following products to have high sales growth potential in 2020.

Carlon® High-Heat Adjust-A-Box® Non-Metallic Outlet Boxes

Ideal for multi-family residential construction, the Carlon® high-heat Adjust-A-Box® non-metallic outlet boxes from ABB Installation Products are UL listed for use in the same stud cavity of a shared two-hour fire wall. The double-gang version may also be installed back-to-back on 6” studs in the same cavity.

The high-heat boxes offer the ability to adjust the box depth up to 1.75” to accommodate varying depths once installed behind drywall. This adjust- ability makes the box perfect for instal- lation in fire walls with double drywall installed and for use in kitchen or bathroom ceramic tile back splashes. Each box includes a steel mounting bracket designed for use with wood or steel studs.

For more information, visit abb.com.



An elegant solution for today’s demanding homeowner, the Juno AITM from Acuity Brands® is an advanced 6” LED downlight, a premium JBL® speaker and an Amazon Alexa voice system—all in one.

The downlight delivers 1000 lumens, tunable color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K and dimming down to 1%. A simple app allows users to set scenes or lighting schedules in each room of their homes or play music through the integrated JBL speaker.

Juno AITM can control more than 200 other smart devices to provide a truly “smart” home solution. Plus, it is virtually invisible in the ceiling.

“It can be easily installed in every room and hardwired into the ceiling, creating an ideal environment for a centralized smart ecosystem,” said Jeff Spencer, Acuity Brands Lighting vice president and general manager, resi- dential. “Our smart home downlighting products sit seamlessly near the center of the room, free of obstructions, enabling them to hear commands and speak clearly to homeowners and their connected devices, while delivering exceptional lighting and sound.”

For more information, visit Juno-AI.com.


White Button® Push-In Non-Metallic Cable Connectors

Listed for a range of single or multiple cables, Arlington’s patented White Button®1/2” NM94X and the new 3/4” NM95X offer smooth, easy cable inser- tion of one or two cables into a single opening from outside a new work box—or inside an installed box. It’s a real time saver on the job.

Better than the popular new work NM94 and NM95 connectors, which cost the same, the White Button® 1/2” NM94X and the new 3/4” NM95X can be easily removed with pliers or a screwdriver and are UL listed exceed- ing UL/CSA pullout requirements.

For more information, visit aifittings.com.


SpectraCleanTM Luminaires

What if your customers could utilize lighting to effectively and continuously disinfect their environment? Hubbell Lighting’s SpectraCleanTM luminaires provide continuous environmental disinfection as part of the lighting system. They automatically treat harmful microorganisms suspended in air, trapped on objects and residing on surfaces.

SpectraCleanTM luminaires are available in four modes—ranging from “Blended” to “Dedicated”—to accom- modate a variety of applications, and because this technology resides in the visible spectrum (as opposed to the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum), all are suitable for use in occupied spaces.

Available in architectural and lensed troffers, striplights and vaportite models, the luminaires are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including schools, fitness centers, restaurants and food processing/pack- aging/manufacturing plants.

SpectraCleanTM is a unique, differenti- ated product that offers every IMARK Electrical distributor the opportunity to grow incremental business with existing customers and provides a great conversation-starter with a broad base of new customers.

For more information, visit hubbell.com.

Twister® ProFlex & Pro

The IDEAL Twister® ProFLEX combines IDEAL’s most comfortable connector with the added protection of a flexible skirt. It delivers the widest wire combi- nation range with the highest voltage rating in the industry. Other attributes include:

  • Highest voltage rating in the industry at 1000V
  • Widest wire range in the industry (Min. 2 #18 to Max. 4 #10)
  • A flexible skirt that provides improved protection and adapts to tightly fit electrical boxes with limited space
  • Swept wing design with SureGripTM overmold , which offers greater comfort, leverage and torque for faster connections
  • Expanding square-wire spring and polypropylene shell deliver a secure connection every time
  • Tough, UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell

The IDEAL Twister® Pro wire connector combines innovative SureGripTM technology with a unique swept-wing connector design, resulting in the most comfortable wire connector ever. Other include:

  • Cushion-grip, swept wings that offer added comfort and extra leverage for less effort on large wire combinations
  • Widest wire range in the industry (Min. 2 #18 to Max. 4 #10)
  • Expanding square-wire spring that supports a wide range of common wiring configurations
  • Hexagonal top with ribbed cap that allows for quick fingertip start as well as use of standard 5/16” nut driver for fast installation
  • Quick take-up on even the toughest combinations, including solid-to- stranded

For more information, visit idealind.com.


Low-Profile Expandable In-Use Weatherproof Covers

Intermatic’s Low-Profile Expandable In-Use Weatherproof Covers provide contractors with a weatherproof requirement solution and keep wet locations 2014 NEC Code 406.9 (B1) compliant. They also provide residen- tial and commercial applications with an “aesthetic alternative” to the traditional covers.

For more information, visit intermatic.com.


UltraLED Selectable Downlights

The new SYLVANIA UltraLED Selectable Downlights are offered in 5/6”, 6”, and 8” sizes and provide high-performing light, optimized for both new construc- tion and retrofit applications where pin-based compact fluorescent lamps have previously been used. Installation is done quickly and easily in most standard frames.

The lumen and color temperature selectable switches allow for customizable light—replacing up to two 26W compact fluorescent lamps and offer- ing up to 52% energy savings when compared to traditional technologies. These downlights are offered in a broad range of color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K color. They are also 0-10V dimmable, last 50,000 life hours and are ENERGY STAR® listed to maximize rebate opportunities.

For more information, visit ledvance.com.


Legrand Wireless Room Family

Wireless Digital Lighting Management (DLM) builds upon the success of the original wired DLM system by extending its capabilities into IP-based wireless control. The result is an ecosystem of simple, secure, and scalable lighting controls that make it easier than ever to improve building effi- ciency and performance.

New wireless products include a dimming room controller, ceiling mount PIR occupancy sensor, corner mount PIR occupancy sensor, digital photosensor, dimming wall switch and five-button scene switch—all of which are in stock and ready to ship. Accompanying the hardware are the DLM Configuration app for Bluetooth®- based commissioning and an all newversion of LMCS for project design and advanced system programming. Rounding out the offering are newly enhanced versions of the wireless bridge and border router products. The DLM Dashboard software will be available soon for easy maintenance, monitoring and control of any net- worked DLM system.

Legrand developed the new wireless system using the latest in open standards and protocols for Internet of Things (IoT) systems in high- performance buildings. Advanced IoT security has been layered into the system with the development and incorporation of secure commis- sion and secure control technologies enabled in part by trusted hardware chips built into each wireless product.

For more information, visit legrand.us.


Decora Smart Receptacles

Leviton’s Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Receptacle and Decora Smart Wi-Fi Receptacle feature a top outlet that can be controlled and a bottom outlet that is always on for 24/7 power applications. Both Decora Smart receptacles also have a manual button for local on/off control.

These smart receptacles are perfect for new home builds or can easily replace an existing outlet in any home. The attractive visual aesthetic fits within the familiar Leviton Decora style, especially when used with screwless wall plates. Each receptacle also includes tamper-resistant shutters to meet installation code and provide additional protection from electrical shock. Multiple Decora Smart recep- tacles can be installed within the same residence as part of a whole home lighting control system and can pro- vide a variety of control possibilities.

Homeowners can create schedules and scenes with the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Receptacle and other Leviton Wi-Fi lighting controls when they are enrolled through the award-winning My Leviton app—no hub required. Simply install the Wi-Fi outlet and con- nect with the My Leviton app to begin automating devices or to connect with Works with My Leviton partners such as Nest, If This Then That (IFTTT), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For more information, visit leviton.com.


Bussed CT Cabinets

There are a wide range of applications where a Current Transformer (CT) cabinet can be used. Some of the most common are large residential and commercial buildings like office build- ings, small restaurants and open-air shopping centers.

Milbank offers high amperage CT cabinets. These NEMA 3R-rated, bussed cabinets range from 400A to 3,000A with voltage up to 480V. Termination cabinets and combo disconnect cabi- nets are also available. Milbank’s CT cabinets have a wide range of features including: three-point latching handle and locking mechanism, phase lugs, potential tap, grounding lug and aluminum shell construction.

With the need for high-amperage power becoming more common, Milbank continues to develop prod- ucts to meet or exceed customer requirements.

For more information, visit milbankworks.com.


WarriorWrapTM Professional Electrical

Launched with IMARK, NSI Industries’ WarriorWrapTM professional electrical tapes have set a new benchmark in the industry by outperforming and pro- viding the best value of all selections on the market today. The comprehen- sive line includes three performance grades of vinyl tapes (premium, select and general), available in 10 colors per grade, for all low-voltage and high-voltage environments and a full portfolio of 37 professional specialty tapes, designed with unique attributes tailored for specific application needs.

Engineered to the most stringent performance standards, UL testing confirms that WarriorWrap’s premium products’ specifications exceed com- petitive products for strength by 24%, elongation by 34% and adhesion by 39%.

The specialty tape product offering includes high-voltage and rubber linered and linerless slicing tapes; mastic tapes; glass cloth tapes; cor- rosion protection tapes and tapes for harness wrapping, shielding, electrical filling, friction and fire-retardant arc proofing.

“We’ve moved away from 3M’s electrical tapes,” said Crystal Maguire, president of Winsupply in Frederick, Maryland. “We gave out samples of the tapes for our customers to try and they liked the products, felt the pricing was fair market value and liked the packaging. As we say, the proof is in the pudding. We support our IMARK vendors and NSI is a company that stands behind its products.”

For more information, visit nsiindustries.com.


W34 and X34 Wall Packs

Products in RAB’s W34 family combine the open-face look of traditional wall packs with a cost-efficient design that streamlines the replacement cycle of outdated or inoperable fixtures. The W34 is available in six lumen pack- ages: 3100, 3600, 5400, 7200, 9100 and 15000, all with integrated 0-10V dimming. Button photocell and micro- wave occupancy sensor accessories are available as factory-installed options to provide additional energy savings. All models are available with factory-installed Lightcloud integration for use with Rab Lighting’s commercial, wireless lighting control system and service.

The X34 floodlight offers high-reflec- tance white reflector maximizes output, and the tempered glass lens won’t yel- low. All X34 models have an integrated visor that reduces observable glare. With five lumen packages, the versatile X34 is suitable for various applications (including ground mounting). The 1/2 NPSM knuckle mount is designed with rugged, locking teeth to keep installa- tions securely in place.

The X34 floodlight has an IP65 rating for complete protection against dust and low-pressure water jet ingress. The X34’s very wide NEMA 7H x 7V beam spread is ideal for general purpose lighting.

For more information, visit rablighting.com.


The Skinny Mains

Siemens Low Voltage products has released a new product addition to its Power Mod Metering portfolio: The Skinny Mains. These units are dramatically reducing the footprint of metering gear in electrical rooms by up to 45% compared to the standard main devices.

The Skinny Mains are one feed direction only: overhead or underground and are narrower than the Power Mod meter stacks. Indeed, for units 200A to 600A the width is 9.56” and for units 700A to 1200A the width is 11.06”.

In addition to footprint reduction, these new modules are fully equipped with the Power Mod exclusive features of QuickSystem; these features have been proven to reduce labor by as much as 43% over comparable solutions.

The Power Mod Skinny Mains modules have the option to use the Siemens Sentron Sensitrip IV with optional DAS. These breakers using the DAS are also known as maintenance mode and offer a solution to the NEC240.87 code requirement.

For more information, visit siemens.com.

Advance Express from Signify

As LED fixtures start to come off warranty and failures occur, Advance Express is a program to help you win in the replacement LED driver market with just seven recommended drivers covering the majority of applications for downlights, troffers, industrial and outdoor while minimizing your inventory.

Advance Express features the MultiOne Express program—a simplified, intuitive software developed specifically for distributors that allows you to input two values and print out labels right at the counter or in the warehouse in seconds.

Get ahead of the game and start to think about your LED replacement driver strategy today.

For more information, visit signify.com.


Jennifer KohlheppManaging Editor